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Momentum Service Charter

Momentum support people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged get a roof, a job, live a better life and engage with community. Our values are:

  • Trust and respect
  • Wellbeing
  • Innovation
  • Working well together
  • Being gracious

Momentum respects and fully commits to upholding the rights of all people in our communities.  We are committed to ensuring that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Your rights

As a client of Momentum, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with care, courtesy, dignity and respect
  • Physical and emotional safety and freedom from neglect, abuse and exploitation
  • Respect for cultural, linguistic, sexual and religious diversity
  • Accessible environments and services
  • Be consulted about your needs and preferences and to actively participate in decisions affecting your care and your life
  • Dignity of risk and the freedom to exercise choice and have control over your life
  • Privacy and confidentiality, within legislative limits
  • Receive services that are appropriate, safe, culturally relevant and of high quality
  • Be assessed for receiving services in a fair, non-discriminatory way; according to your needs
  • Have services and supports provided by appropriate qualified staff
  • Have services provided to you at the time you expect to receive them, or be advised if there’s a change to this
  • Refuse a service or support without prejudicing access to any future services with us
  • Provide feedback or complaint without fear of retribution
  • Change service providers and have our support to do this
  • Be able to contact us easily, be heard and have us respond to you in a timely manner
  • An interpreter or other language service if you have the need for this

Your responsibilities

We expect that you will:

  • Treat our staff and other clients with courtesy and respect and without aggression
  • Respect that our staff have the right to work in environments that meet Australian Work Health and Safety standards
  • Communicate any changes in your circumstances and needs to our staff
  • Inform us as early as possible when our support is not required
  • Help us to provide you with services, by informing us of your needs and any health, behavioural or wellbeing issues
  • Respect the rights of others to privacy and confidentiality
  • Tell us if something isn’t right or needs to be brought to our attention