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Building on a long and proud history

We are proud to have a history that started in 1979, which has brought together community organisations, most notably the Casino Neighbourhood Centre (CNC), On Track Community Programs (OTCP) and Third Sector Australia (3SA).

In 1979 the Casino Neighbourhood Centre commenced as a small volunteer service, providing information to the local community on support services available. They grew over the years until 2016, when they merged into 3SA, to be able to offer more efficient and greater community services in the increasingly competitive funding environment.

On Track Community Programs commenced as a small welfare action group, originally called the Tweed Heads Community Aid Council and then the Tweed River Valley Fellowship. The Fellowship branched into a community based service providing housing, outreach services and rehabilitation options for people living with mental illness and in 2004, changed their name to On Track Community Program.

In 2007, they merged with other smaller community groups across northern New South Wales – MHARS, MOOMBA Accommodation Services, Bay-Ami and the Ballina Community Network.

On Track continued to expand the services they offered to the community until 2016, when they merged into the new 3SA brand. At our very heart we remain a collaborative and community-focused organisation. After two years of operating under the 3SA brand, the organisation had brought all its administrative functions into efficient alignment and established itself as an effective registered NDIS provider, positioned to respond to what our communities need in the future and able to partner and grow.

In 2018, we internally updated how we defined our purpose, to ensure our clients are always at the centre of what we do. Now a sustainable, innovative and forward-positioning organisation, our brand has been redefined and relaunched as Momentum Collective to reflect this.

Momentum History